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TOPICS: Sashay with pride

Posted by on 22/07/2019

BLESSING IN DISGUISE: Olivia Bourrillon has no regrets about being rejected from modelling. Picture: Ryan OslandWHEN Olivia Bourrillon tried out to be a model, they told her she looked too Indian.
Shanghai night field

Now she holds titles in two overseas pageants. Let’s start with the rejection.

‘‘This agency turned me down for being too Indian-looking,’’ Olivia, 19, from Hamilton, said simply.

She’s Indian on her dad’s side, and Italian on her mum’s.

‘‘They said there’s not much of a market for that.’’

After the shock of being told her ethnicity wouldn’t sell things, Olivia got annoyed. Then she got going.

She applied for the UK-based Face of Europe pageant, and was picked to represent Italy. Out of 81 contestants, Olivia came second in the senior category.

She entered and won Miss India Australia, which we can’t imagine being easy, and then flew overseas for the first time, alone, to contest the Miss India Worldwide competition.

This extravaganza was held in Suriname, a tiny South American country north of Brazil. Olivia came second runner-up.

With her Miss India title about to expire, Olivia’s glad she was rejected from modelling. She got a new lease on her heritage out of it, not to mention an armful of pageant sashes.

‘‘It gave me some drive,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m glad they said that.’’

Celtic five-piece claim to steal U2’s thunder

HERE at Topics, we love a bit of confidence.

There’s no shortage of the stuff swirling through the change room of Celtic Thunder, the adult contemporary Irish five-piece that played the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on Friday night.

Check out their promotional spiel.

‘‘Having sold out venues across the country earlier this year, the world’s most popular Irish band Celtic Thunder have announced they will be returning to the Newcastle Entertainment Centre,’’ it gushed, adorably.

Stop the tape. Rewind. World’s most popular Irish band?

We have a teensy suspicion that U2 might have something to say about that. And Van Morrison. And the Cranberries.

Like we said – confidence.

Hot waterbest forjellyfishstings

HAVE you been stung by a bluebottle? Then stop reading this and put hot water on it.

Are you back? Did you use water that was hotter than 40 degrees? Good.

Nobody knew that was the way to deal with a bluebottle sting until an award-winning study was carried out on Newcastle beaches. That’s right. Our town gave the world the bluebottle cure.

Calvary Mater clinical toxicologist Dr Geoff Isbister headed up the research, which took place on Nobbys and Dixon Park beaches and was finalised in 2006.

Dr Isbister’s team observed 96 sting victims over 15 months, and found hot water to be far more effective at relieving pain than the old method of applying an ice pack.

‘‘The venom is made of proteins and, if you heat them up, you destroy them,’’ Dr Isbister told Topics.

You could make a case for every beach to be equipped with hot water taps.

Until that happens, remember: if the water’s hot, a cure you’ve got. If you’re using ice, the pain will last twice … as long. Oh come on.

MURPHY’S TALE: Irish musicians Celtic Thunder do not hold back in their publicity material.

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